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Outdoor Thickening Printing Ultrasonic P...

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SKU: CJJT1700329
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Product information:

Material:Spring Linen + Needled Cotton + PEVA

Style:Fashion minimalist


Colour: Coffee, Peach, Rocket, Little Forest, Little Flower Rainbow, Lemon, Cute Bow Tie Bear, Rocket, Plaid Bear, Rainbow Bear, Letters, Little Dinosaur, Little Yellow Plaid, Little Black Plaid, Little White Plaid, Little Green White Plaid, Little Blue White Plaid, Little Red White Plaid, Little Yellow Plaid, Big Grey White Plaid, Big Yellow White Plaid

Size Information:

Packing list:


Product Image:

Additional information

Weight 0.66 kg
Dimensions 300 × 200 × 30 cm



Big Grey White Plaid, Big Yellow White Plaid, Coffee, Cute Bow Tie Bear, Lemon, Letters, Little Black Plaid, Little Blue White Plaid, Little Dinosaur, Little Flower Rainbow, Little Forest, Little Green White Plaid, Little Red White Plaid

38 reviews for Outdoor Thickening Printing Ultrasonic P...

  1. 歩***原

    Love it so much, used for picnic photos, very nice blanket
    no remark

  2. 蝶***羽

    Take it to the beach, completely cut off the harassment of the sand, let’s keep a clean picnic, I love it
    no remark

  3. 信***念

    The logistics is fast and the quality of the product is also good, I put it in the washing machine and wash it before taking it to camping
    no remark

  4. 은***서

    so spilled some tea on this and nothing to worry about. its 100% waterproof. so stain or anything.
    no remarkno remark

  5. 정***태

    We take this with us for camping, concerts, picknicks, and beaches. Washes easily, quick to pack up and travel with.
    no remark

  6. 兎***桑

    Works good. Great for picnics, down side of being water resistant is it’s not as comfy as a regular blanket. I’d buy again
    no remark

  7. 里***田

    It’s easy to fold and carry around i took it to park when the grass is wet the top stayed dry and it feels comfortable. I have washed it twice and it still feels the same. After i figured out the folding part so i can use the handle on it i love it.
    no remark

  8. 鈴***川

    My husband and I have used this blanket so much. We have used it for picnics, watching the stars, and even as a rain cover when camping. It isn’t water proof but definitely water resistant.
    no remark

  9. 佳***藤

    This picnic blanket was perfect for a group of five and lots of food. It was raining the morning of our picnic, however, the blanket stayed dry and comfortable. I loved that the blanket can be folded up nice and tight to a little handheld roll. I just need to practice folding the blanket correctly so that way the Velcro‘s can meet.
    no remark

  10. 태***반

    I was pleasantly surprised with how big the picnic blanket was. So small when it is rolled up. Very easy to clean and pack away. 10/10
    no remark

  11. C***e

    Pratique, je peux m’allonger entièrement dessus, imperméable mais si on transpire un peu, bah ça reste mouillé aussi du coup, c’est pas facile pour la replier, j’ai envie de la mettre en boule dans un sac à chaque fois que je dois le faire mais sinon elle fait le job qui est de ne pas s’allonger directement par terre.
    no remarkno remark

  12. P***s

    Picnic blankets come in plastic foil boxes.Here is my brief experience with it: Pros: + Good size and light weight + Compact packaging + Waterproof Cons: – No insulation The picnic blanket is a good size, 200CM x 200CM.It’s lightweight and very compact when you have it in a package.It is also waterproof and suitable for wet surfaces.However, it is very thin and provides no insulation.Overall, this is a good product and I recommend buying it.One finds this helpful

  13. L***g

    Super cute & perfect for picnic date
    no remarkno remark

  14. M***a

    I ordered this blanket for a beach picnic in San Francisco.The blanket got wet from sea water and rain, but all we had to do was hose it down and let it try it out in the sun and it was like new!My only complaint is that it can be a little tricky to fold, but I guess it just takes some time to actually remember how to fold it properly instead of ten minutes.Overall, it’s a great picnic blanket.

  15. B***l

    Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 13, 2022
    This blanket is great and came exactly as pictured! I ordered this blanket for a picnic at the beach in San Fransisco. The blanket got sandy and wet from the ocean water and the rain but all we had to do was hose it down and let it try in the sun for a bit and it was good as new! My only complaint is that folding it back up can be a little bit tricky but I guess it will just take some time to really remember how to fold it up the right was without it taking me ten minutes. Overall its a great picnic blanket.

  16. F***r

    Granddaughter loves colors and the designs.

  17. M***u

    We used this blanket for a visit to a sandy beach. It was perfect for protecting us from the hot sand. It was easy to remove the sand from both sides. And it is very easy to fold back up and put into the carrying case.

  18. S***n

    Segunda compra, como sempre bom.

  19. N***g

    These light weight rugs are the perfect addition to your camping supplies it keeps all the dirt out of the camper and let’s you walk easier around the campsite

  20. 민***해

    Great camping cover

  21. G***k

    Meinung meiner Tochter:

    Eine perfekte Picknickdecke. Die Decke ist groß genug für ein kleines Festmahl im Freien.

    Besonders toll ist auch der Tragegriff. So muss man sich die Decke nicht immer so oll unter den Arm klemmen.

    Die Reinigung ist auch super einfach. Staub und Sand kann man einfach abschütteln und Flecken kriegt man mit einem nassen Lappen sofort entfernt.

  22. M***i

    Super Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis!!!
    Qualität war bisher auch in Ordnung. Ich kann nicht meckern.
    Komfortabel ist sie auch, nicht wie manch andere Decken wo hauchdünn sind und man jeden Ast oder Stein spürt.

  23. T***a

    коврик очень хороший. лёгкий, тоньше чем подобные коврики меньшего размера, но это не критично.Доставка сравнительно быстрая. Брали для детских мероприятий на природе. Продавца рекомендую

  24. R***r

    пришло за 25 дней кажется.спасибо за доставку до двери дома. спасибо за отличное качество. будем ещё заказывать.

  25. K***k

    사이즈 큽니다. 두께는 얇음 품질은

  26. K***k

    두꺼운 매트는 아니고 품질은 조아요.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  27. 승***갈

    소풍 가기에 아주 좋습니다

  28. P***r

    The material is amazing
    no remark

  29. K***I

    The camping mat is very thick, and it has been checked that it is waterproof. It should be great to take it on vacation!
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  30. A***r

    No smell, very environmentally friendly

  31. D***y

    It is soft to use in winter

  32. D***V

    Halfway to change the small grid, it looks better than the big grid picture
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  33. R***r

    Perfect for picnics and easy to clean

  34. C***a

    It’s a nice cushion. We love it. It should be perfect for camping

  35. T***h

    We love this for the outside of our camper!!
    no remarkno remark

  36. I***n

    The pads look good and ship quickly

  37. Q***a

    conforme descrição.
    amei, parece ótimo, um pequeno problema de design apenas pois está difícil de fechar com o velcro.

  38. R***r

    коврик, большой, довольно плотный, для пикника отличный вариант! спасибо продавцу за обратную связь!

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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.

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